Invest In Your East Africa Government Relations


Communications for growth

Communications are more than just emails, speeches, and slides. They are a 'call to action' designed to achieve an intended outcome; the information crafted to resonate with your audience. Invest in a rigorous 'Comms for GR' program by working with me to deliver future growth for you and your business

Have you clearly articulated what your objectives are and how you want to meet them? Are you fully exploiting all the written, verbal, and visual tools at your disposal? This is especially important when working with governments in East Africa.

Top communicators will get a read on their audience and fine tune the contents of their message. You may have 30 minutes or just 30 seconds! What matters is how you maximise the time available to communicate effectively. 


Strategies that give you control

Too often government relations is an afterthought. You occasionally get distracted by it without actually laying any foundations, before moving on with other priorities. I can guide you towards long-term government relations success with a customised series of strategic planning deep dives.

Dealing with governments can be one of the more confusing and unpredictable aspects to an organisation’s work. Why add to the uncertainty by not strategically planning in advance?

Strategies that direct your East Africa public affairs are the single most powerful tools you have at your disposal. They become the blueprint for what you do. They allow you to plan for the future. They give you control.


Coaching and long term mentoring

Managing public affairs is not a part time occupation. It requires high-level commitment, dedicated resources, and unique skills. I will help you and your organisation advance through regular renewal of government relations techniques and plans

Many corporate coaching programs exist in abstract terms, building generic leadership skills which improve productivity for some but not others. Government relations requires a more adapted form of coaching that understands the context you work in, and supports you to achieve your goals.

Whether you are leading a large multi-national organisation or just starting your career, external perspectives on your methods and feedback on your execution are a proven way to add value, build people, and operate more efficiently.